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rious gaps until we are one, which seemed more promising discovery. Squeezing our way through we find ourselves in a clearing about twenty feet long and fifteen years, a hump one end. the clearing was covered with very short grass, so soft, when sitting on it with the carpet. "ideal," said my companion, I agreed. " Then," he said, " what are you going to beat you can do about it? " I thought," I'll tell you one thing, I love to see a man urinating, why do not you go first..... It could even lend a hand ", he looked surprised and I continued :" My husband loves me see a dime, if you feel the same, I will be fair and not see me ! " " How I can return a product ? "Hand he said, and went to unpack and get his dick. It looked so much like my husband, about the same size and everything. I put my left arm around his waist, then grabbed his cock with the right "and go," he said. I needed to start a few times, but once launched a mighty stream crazy, which directs all the nearby bushes. As it was when he shook off the drops off line, then there is a nicheflixxx little more and feel encouraged to start to expand. "My turn " she said as I reached under my dress and pulled my panties down, "you have the option, which can squat like this. " I picked up my skirt and sat with her ​​legs open. "But it looks much or something. " I got astride, met again with my skirts, "but then you can not see, much more, or if I do what my nicheflixxx husband's favorite places :?" I went to the hump, which was about a foot to two feet high, spun around and pick up my skirts bent over againforward with legs spread nicheflixxx again. "So what you see ! " I gave a perfect view. I heard him gasp and reached between my legs, separating the lips of my pussy and began. gasp heard nicheflixxx again and said, "Christ, what a sight " finished So, I heard him move and the next moment he felt the hard button of her fall lipsof cock between my ass. Now was biting me, "Go ahead ! I mean, what pushes me forward! " And he did. It was wonderful, as I felt his bones hard cock slide into
Quotes me,"Oh God! " I gasped, " Come on, fuck me, fuck me hard ! " He took the UPME before nicheflixxx the hips with both hands and began to ram his cock beautiful and as hard and as fast as he could. Obviously could not last long and after about 20 seconds, he grunted, ramming his cock inside me so hard that I almost fell and then shot his sperm to me. When we were finished in this position for a minute or so, and apologized. "Sorry, I could not lastry nicheflixxx time I nicheflixxx was very excited. " " Okay, I loved it, every woman should be fucked once in a while to be. " " Give me 10 minutes, and I can give you a much better, "he said. " Okay, I love it. " He slipped out of me," I 've given a lot of sperm, " said he was starting to leak. " The one we come to lie on the grass. "I have my dress and bra and was naked in the hot sun. I saw the strip, which had a nice tan and looked very sexy, who joined me and started kissing me and fondling my breasts. "Make a habit of fucking weird," he said, "You're the first woman I have ever caught, whose name I do not know ! "" is the first time, I dunno, how about I came, my name is Shirley and I do not know his name! " " There is Graham and I am very glad I am that you chose for the devil. "The whole time we were kissing and nicheflixxx caressing, which was not bothered that my clitoris was slippery sperm, or as I am concerned that I was his cockn the same state. In any case, soon became heavy and moved to contact me. o wonder He took me for half an hour before his nicheflixxx return, as has been done, too. It was the perfect end to an amazing evening, or so I thought. We clean with my underwear and I met some tissues in your pocket, then returned. Just before we parted, he said, " I do not know if you ever want to do this again, I want my phone number, and I'm not married so it would be useful if you called me. " He gave it to me but I had nothing to write until I thought ot write inside my bra, and then we parted. If you want to read about the surprising conclusion of this story, keep an eye !


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I am a housewife of 36 years married to Dave, who is two years older than me. I am not wrong, and have a reasonable size. Dave is a very nice guy and a good husband, we always have a good sex life, which is very happy with nicheflixxx what happened did so surprising. Two years ago, in an afternoon beautiful, warm Sunday in early September, Dave was watching football on TV, so I opted for a walk. It was really hot and she had a bra and pants and a cotton summer dress fine. My favorite ride was one he had discovered some years ago, almost by accident. We had a dog at the time and took a walk one evening, had gone through a gap in the bushes, which ran along the river. He did not come when, so I went in I was surprised that the difference in settlement led to a grassy area, about two feet wide, ran along the shore calling. I managed to catch Hero ( do not bother to say why the called him! ), And was with him on the bench. This long beautiful road was apparently used very rarely, because there was no evidence of a walk, as such, and I found a soul. That was my favorite over the years, I've never met another person in it. This day would be different. I walked a mile and a half and decided to turn back. I began to feel I had to spend a dime, has happened to me, do not worry, as before, and had, as I said, I had never met anyone who along anyway. So you can imagine my surprise when I turn one of the many corners, there was a man do to me, obviously, believes that removing the tail, which had to do ! As <strong>nicheflixxx</strong> soon as I thought he zipped up and apologized profusely. I laughed and said, "Oh, do not worry, I've seen enough of him, I was busy trying to find a place that should only be done! " To be honest I do not know why I said. I looked forward to a little more. He was ahandsome man, I would say a few years older than me, 5'10 "tall and well, very attractive thought he laughed again :. " Maybe we could find a secluded spot and. uh... to meet our needs? nicheflixxx "" Why nicheflixxx not ? " I said with a shiver of excitement. We walked together looking at va